Soliton creates solutions for your anchoring needs. We do design and installation for anchoring patterns along with multiple point moorings.  


Concrete blocks are simple, easy and readily available.  They work well for all bottom types: even very rocky areas where traditional methods encounter difficulties. 



Soliton manufactures and installs "Private Mooring Buoy Kits" using a minimum 2,000 lbs concrete anchor block, 1/2" 80 marine grade long-link chain, two polystyrene foam-filled tire buoys that are capped and bolted for maximum buoyancy, satisfying all Transport Canada Regulations. Our Private Mooring Buoy Kits come with a swivel, shackles, nylon lead-line and a snap-hook.  If you have a bigger vessel, we will scale this kit up to your requirements.


All parts are also sold seperately!


You can also upgrade to our storm-rated dynamic lines. With stretch upwards of 40%, we give you piece of mind for your investment.  We use single and triple points of anchoing. Using high quality mooring rodes, mid water floats and dynamic pendants we can minimize your impact on the seafloor and also prolonging the life of your mooring system. This is all designed to absorb the wind and wave actions while providing a high tensile backup. At the extended length, the load will be transferred to its 1-5/16 inch diameter hollow braid cover with a 25000 lb average tensile strength. It has proven itself to be of extremely durable construction with excellent UV and abrasion resistance.


FEATURES                                                                                          USES

-Will not lay on bottom                                                                           -Alone in shallow water with fragile ecologies

-Custom lengths available                                                                    -With a top line and surface float in deeper water

-Abrasion resistant high tensile cover                                                   -In tight mooring fields to minimize required scope

-Non corroding design yields longer life

-Energy absorbing polyester jacketed core

-All components are neutral or positively buoyant

-Can be used with a variety of anchors or moorings







Transport Canada- An Owners Guide to Private Buoys

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